Stretch U provides full-body one-on-one assisted stretching in 20, 40, and 60 minute sessions. We utilize a proactive approach that works on keeping the whole body moving better therefore helping to prevent injury and ailment.

We offer 20, 40, and 60 minute sessions.


All of our techniques are spine neutral, spine supported with proper postural positions in mind, meaning we never manipulate the neck or back.


The Carey Stretch at Stretch U San Diego

The Carey Stretch is our systematic full-body one-on-one stretching technique created by Physical Therapist John Carey.


This technique includes PNF stretching (proprioceptive neuromuscular facilitation), a contract and relax technique for the lower extremities, and passive stretching for the upper extremities.


The Carey Stretch also incorporates neural glossing, a specialized way of easing neural tension in different parts of the body. These specific techniques allow us to create more length in the muscle for a greater flexibility and mobility benefit from the stretch.


The Carey Stretch focuses on the entire body rather than specific areas to maximize your benefits. This is the component that truly separates Stretch U from all other body work companies.


Lock & Stretch at Stretch U San Diego

The Lock & Stretch is our full-body myofascial release developed exclusively for Stretch U studios.


This technique locks down your fascia while stretching your muscle to release the tissues and increase circulation for the entire body.


The Lock & Stretch is combined with our Carey Stretch to warm up your muscles while producing blood flow to increase flexibility and range of motion even further.


After a Lock & Stretch, you will feel more relaxed while moving with

greater ease.



First Stretch


The First Stretch is a thirty-minute introduction to what Stretch U is all about.


We start with our twenty-minute Carey Stretch, followed by a ten-minute demo of the Lock & Stretch.


During this session, we can answer any questions you might have about assisted stretching and its many benefits.



20 Minute Session


The twenty-minute session is our full-body Carey Stretch.


During this session, your Stretch Tech takes your body through 108 stretches covering every major muscle group.



40 Minute Session


The forty-minute session begins with the Lock & Stretch, our myofascial release for the

entire body.


After a full-body Lock & Stretch, your Stretch Tech will finish with a twenty-minute Carey Stretch.


*Client Favorite*



60 Minute Session


The sixty-minute session begins with the Lock & Stretch and is followed by the Carey Stretch.


This session provides more time to focus on specific areas of the body during the Lock & Stretch.


This is the best choice for those who truly want to maximize

their results.